A photo of a celebrity wearing a brand that a PR company promotes should be a public relations home run.  Yet, the vast majority of such opportunities go begging for the simple reason that the brands are not identified in the image.

When brands aren’t identified, picture researchers can’t find them, and publishers can’t mention the brands in credits, captions or stories.  PR companies can’t easily find and license appropriate images for advertising or other paid promotions, nor monitor the effectiveness of their publicity campaigns or product  placements.

So what’s going wrong?  In short, the majority of photo libraries don’t have the staff, the systems, or the expertise to add the brand-identifying keywords.  Nor are these keywords being routinely added by image resellers, the aggregators used by many publishers to find their images.

Designer label keywording by the Fashion Hawk team, is the solution to these issues.  Fashion Hawk finds the images containing the brands (including ones the PR companies are unaware of, such as candid shots) and adds the appropriate keywords throughout the image market.

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