In an increasingly competitive image market, finding new revenue streams and maximising return per image are vital to photo agency survival and growth.

Licensing images of celebrities wearing designer brands, for editorial or PR use, is an increasingly important way of boosting sales.

The first step in becoming a serious player in this field is to have images that can be easily identified as containing designer label clothing and accessories.  It is not enough to hope that PR people and publishers will recognise the labels for you.

For many photo agencies though, developing the expertise and employing staff to add designer label and fashion term keywords are either too inefficient or simply out of financial reach.  The result is that a sales avenue is lost.

Fashion Hawk can solve such problems by providing the expertise and people needed, at a fraction of the cost of having to find, train and employ staff directly.  With an outsourced fashion keywording option you pay only when designer labels are identified in your images.

For those already in the game, Fashion Hawk can lower costs, increase efficiencies and increase reach with a 24/7 coverage through offices in the UK and New Zealand.

Fashion Hawk finds images that even PR companies don’t know about.  These include candid/street images which are all highly valued because they represent what stars choose to wear every day, and are more likely to promote sales in mass market stores.

To find out how Fashion Hawk can help you with image sales, there is more information about specific services here, or you can make contact directly via our Contacts page here.