Fashion Hawk uses a variety of resources to identify brands in celebrity images, including "cold reading" where handbags, shoes, sunglasses and clothes are identified on sight. This includes candid images taken on the street as well as images from the red carpet. To increase the impact of such keywords, it is recommended to include further terms describing the item/s found.  A schedule for when this information is added each day or week can be worked out according to client needs.


Keywording of fashion items can be greatly enhanced by full descriptions of what the stars are wearing, with terms that fashion and picture editors use when looking for images to illustrate a trend or news story.  Such search terms can stand on their own, just as well as being a complement to designer label keywording.  Terms can even be added to identify news-worthy fashion aspects of images such as wardrobe malfunctions.


As well as celebrity fashion, Fashion Hawk keyworders regularly work with street style images - pictures of fashionable non-celebrities whose look can be used to spark promotional and advertising opportunities by portraying a certain look.  Rather than being focused on particular brands, this keywording uses descriptive terms


Depending on what the market demands, the Fashion Hawk team can put together a variety of special packages such as the hottest labels of the week, the handbags worn by a particular star or a particular designer's spring collection.


The cost of keywording is normally determined on a per image basis, although with designer loabel keywording there is also the opportunity to base pricing around the information found.  Volume of work, production schedules, how images are organised, and how the images can be worked on are all important factors in determining the final package

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